ABOUT Accelerate BtoB

"Only 2% of B2B organizations implemented awareness-oriented top of the funnel content strategies." -NetLine

There is a massive opportunity for B2B companies to implement demand generation that targets the top of the funnel. According to the inverse of the statistic above, if 98% of B2B companies are focused mainly on the middle and bottom of the funnel, how many potential customers are not being served during the awareness stage of their buying journey? And wouldn’t it be great if you could not only engage a buyer at this stage but at this same time also heighten awareness, raise visibility and build your brand?

B2B companies who provide top of the funnel content have a real opportunity to stand out from their competition. The challenge has always been in executing top-funnel demand generation at scale. This changes as of right now.

Introducing Accelerate BtoB. Accelerate BtoB enables B2B companies to target their buyers with awareness-oriented content when and where buyers are ready to engage. And we do it at scale. We have over 50 years of combined experience in technology B2B marketing and sales. We are peers who enjoy helping our fellow peers.

We provide guaranteed delivery of qualified leads to tech buyers each and every month. We do this by marketing your content to your tailored buyer persona at precisely the right moment of engagement. Our only other guarantee is that your sales team is going to love you!

Leadership Team

Kevin Gold is a veteran B2B and digital marketing executive with eighteen-plus years of diverse industry experience. He is a co-founder of Accelerate BtoB, co-launched the Customer Acquisition Bootcamp and previously VP of Marketing and Content for an Inc. 5000 fastest-growing B2B startup acquired in 2015. Kevin has an MBA from Xavier University and graduated an Honors Scholar, Summa Cum Laude from Thomas More College. Beyond his professional life, Kevin loves spending time with his family, trying to stay healthy, exploring new wines and aspiring to become a better chef.


Stephen Veith is the lead analyst for IoT Sources. His primary goal is to bring buyers and sellers together to help put the IoT to work. Over the course of his career as founder and publisher of CIO Insight, Baseline and CIO Zone, Steve was instrumental in helping tech vendors market their companies to prospective buyers. Today, his mission is to help buyers engage with the information and educational content they need when they need it most. When he’s not watching the New York Mets, he can be found on the golf course or looking for a game of pickleball.


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